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I have a bunch of services with which I decided to let go. I've had some of them for years, but the amount of migrations/IP changes, host node and network issues accompanied by indifferent ticket responses is becoming more and more annoying. Maybe those services are useful to someone else.


  • Your LES account needs to be at least 6 months old and needs to have a reasonable amount of recent non-spammy posts.
  • You need to have a account in good standing.

Available services:


128-256MB RAM
4GB SSD disk space
1 CPU Core
/80 IPv6 + NAT IPv4
500GB transfer @1Gbit per month 


Price: charges $3 per transfer and service. Therefore I'm asking you to donate at least $3 to a charity of your choice per transfer and service. Send me proof of the transaction (e. g. screenshot) afterwards and I'll initiate the transfer.
I won't reimburse your donation if the transfer fails for any reason. - Public DNSCrypt resolvers hosted by LowEnd providers • Need a free NAT LXC? ->

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