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IPv6VM.com is the new brand of affordable IPv6-only VPS. We at IPv6VM provide you with the best solutions while keeping the offers at the lowest price to make them accessible to everyone.

Here our plans, starting from €1/month VAT included.

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Why choose us?

Intel based
With high-end Intel CPUs you have always the performance you need for your projects.

Human Support 9am-6pm
Our highly skilled support team is ready to really help you every day with a quick and competent response, it's no joke.

DDoS Protection
Don't worry of the attacks you receive: we keep them away so you can focus on your work.

Italian Location
Italy is the best location available for you. It's well-connected to all European and Asian routes.

Some information

Our plans are based on KVM virtualization, powered by Intel Xeon CPU v4 or better and with DDR4 RAM or newer. The SSD is NVMe PCIe 3.0.
You can find Terms of Service, Privacy and Cookie Policy, Refund Policy, Advanced Looking Glass and BGP Toolkit at the bottom of the website.

IPv6VM.com is a brand of C1V hosting.
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