NetData is changing plans/ pricing for community users

Just received this....

Long gone the promise to keep everything free...

Nothing is unlimited and businesses will screw users and change their terms... I know it may come like one is entitled, but for me I understand it and it's just a rant.

PS. Formatting is taking a hit on mobile for me.

Announcement of a Unified Plan Structure
Dear Netdata User,

At Netdata, our commitment has always been to provide a powerful real-time monitoring solution that is accessible to everyone. As we've grown, so have the needs of our community. We've observed an expanding range of use-cases and a growing demand for more capabilities and quicker support. The pace of these demands has outstripped what we could feasibly deliver sustainably.

In response, we've had to adapt. However, this adaptation led to a complex landscape of plan offerings, including various versions for early adopters and the broader community. This complexity has made it challenging to manage and optimize our services effectively.

Up until now, our Early Bird and Community Plan users, including yourself, have enjoyed the benefit of monitoring an unlimited number of nodes. However to address the growing needs of our growing user base and address the challenges we listed above, we're phasing out these unlimited community plans.

What is Changing?
Starting March 13th, 2024, we will introduce a unified plan structure for all users. All Netdata spaces will be associated with one of these four plans:
Netdata Enterprise
Netdata Business
Netdata Homelab
Netdata Community
This new structure will replace the Early Bird and Unlimited Community plans. If you're currently on one of these plans, you'll be transitioned to a 60-day free trial of Netdata Business. After the trial, you will have the option to choose from the four plans listed above.

What Does This Mean for You?
Initially, there's nothing you need to do. During the 60-day trial, you'll have full access to the Business Plan features. After the trial:
If you are using Netdata professionally, you can transition to the Business or Enterprise plan which are tailored for professional and organizational needs.
If you use Netdata to monitor your homelab or for other non-professional use-cases, you may opt for the Homelab Plan, designed specifically for personal, non-professional use and governed by a fair usage policy.
Should you choose not to opt for either of these plans, you'll automatically be assigned to the New Community Plan, which includes limits.
Note that for many of our early users on unlimited plans, this change will have zero impact, as their usage falls within the new Community Plan's limits.

Also, please note that spaces that are on Business or Homelab plans will NOT be affected. This will affect only the spaces that are on Early Bird & Unlimited Community plans.

Why Are We Making This Change?
This consolidation is essential for several reasons:
Streamlining Operations: A unified plan structure simplifies our operations, enabling us to be more agile, efficient and responsive in delivering new capabilities and support.
Fair Usage: Ensuring sustainable and fair use of our resources across all users.
Sustainable Growth: These changes are a step towards the long-term sustainability and growth of Netdata.
In recognition of your support as early adopters and to underscore our dedication to the community, we are offering a 25% lifetime discount to those users who need to transition to the Business plan as a result of these changes. Rest assured that you will receive your Promo Code once your Business trial starts.

We believe these changes are necessary for Netdata to continue offering high-quality, scalable solutions and services. We're committed to supporting you through this transition and beyond. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected].`


  • havochavoc OGContent Writer
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    All the products in this niche (supposedly aimed at homelab/selfhost, but super polished) go this way. See also portainer.

    Also the reason why I'm reluctant to build on any of these mini-cloud stacks like supabase or Appwrite or nHost. I'll rather go with big cloud...there at least the shafting is a known quanity up front

    Can't really blame the devs though - time is money & a mans gotta eat

  • I believe this only affects their cloud offerings, right?

    The all seeing eye sees everything...

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