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WinterNode - Simply Amazing Servers.

We know finding a reliable host is difficult - which is why our team built WinterNode! We offer great prices, incredible hardware (company-owned in Chicago), reliability, and amazing support since 2017 - not to mention a wide array of other games and services.

We have served thousands of customers and have 200+ positive reviews - Don't just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say! TrustPilot & Wall of Reviews

Checkout our customizable VPS plan:

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Up to 4 Cores (Ryzen 5800X or Intel 10900K)
Up to 6GB DDR4 RAM
Up to 70GB NVMe SSD Storage
Starting from $6.40 $4.48/mo USD w/ coupon automatically applied 😀
Customize your Select VPS

In addition to the above, all of our VPS plans offer:

  • Proxmox-based Cloud Infrastructure
  • CPU: i9-10900K or Ryzen 7 5800X
  • Full Control, Root Access (Linux), Remote Desktop Access (Windows), VNC Access
  • Choice of OS on Order Form*
  • Windows Server Standard 2019/2022 Trial (Requires 4GB+ Plan and Support Ticket for Installation)
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • 30Gbps on-premise DDoS mitigation powered by Corero
  • 24/7/365 Support (Including Automatic Discord ticket translation for Spanish-speaking customers)
  • and much more!

👷‍♂️Questions? Contact us on our Discord, or our Client Area.

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  • Will you deadpool when winter is over?

    HostBrr aff best VPS; VirmAche aff worst VPS.
    Unable to push-up due to shoulder injury 😣

  • falcesofalceso Hosting ProviderOG
    edited March 9

    @yoursunny said:
    Will you deadpool when winter is over?

    Yes, we will melt away when the sun comes out /sarcasm

    WinterNode and it's parent company HostVenom LLC (in business for over a decade) is fortunate enough to provide a new home for the clients of 4 different hosting companies (2 fully acquired, 2 highly recommended to choose us since their company was closing in a controlled manner) and just a few months ago have made our 3rd annual donation to charities such as 🌴Team Trees, 💻Girls in Tech, 🔁 Carbon180, and 🍴Second Harvest Heartland.

    As mentioned in our post, all our hardware in Chicago is company-owned. We are also primarily a game server hosting and have the resource stats for the majority of our game server nodes available at

    We are in it for the long run; we just do not heavily advertise our services and our clients are quiet individuals. 😂

    Edit: You may also visit us at or respectively. 😀

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