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Hello everyone,
I'll get straight to the point, I want to give free trials of a VPS plan for 1 month, but I also want to prevent duplicate or fake accounts, so there will be requirements to qualify for a free VPS, below are the requirements:

  • Have at least 30 non-spammy posts.
  • Have an account with a registration date older than one month.
  • Have received at least 40 "Thanked" responses.

For now, I will set a limit of 40 free trials, if a lot of people like the idea I will extend it further.

This is the VPS plan:

2 Core (Ryzen 9 5950X)
RAM 4 Gb
60 Gb NVMe
300 Mbps*
Advanced Anti-DDoS
Bandwidth Unlimited***
IPv6 Included

Standard price: €8/mo
After the trial, you can renew it at a discounted price (-20%) by opening a ticket.

*Can be increased up to 1Gbps by opening a ticket if needed.
**The order can be processed in 2 locations, both are in Germany and with minimal ping variation between them (<2ms).
***As long as it does not result in abuse.

Additional info:
Looking Glass: https://lg.lowhosting.com/
Anti-DDoS info: https://lowhosting.com/antiddos

If you need a custom or not listed OS, please open a ticket including the ISO link and we'll mount it for you.

You may receive an IP address that does not have updated GeoDB/DB-IP data, be patient even if you see incorrect values, unfortunately, it takes months to correct them for new prefixes.


To request the trial, please use the following link and reply to the thread (or via PM) with your Reference Number or Order Number:
Please select "Free Trial Request" as the payment method during the order.


Please note that we reserve the right not to accept to provide the trial in cases where our anti-fraud system detects something strange, such as using a VPN or other factors.
The review can last up to 12 hours in some cases.

I hope you like the idea, I'm available to answer questions if you have any.

LowHosting.com - LowHosting.org


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