FREE SIIX Peering Port forever!

SIIX - Southern Italy Internet Exchange

SIIX, located in Southern Italy, enables ISPs, content providers, cloud services, and CDN providers to efficiently interconnect and exchange IP traffic. This presents a cost-effective solution for enhancing network performance in Italy and globally.

All peering ports on SIIX are FREE with every VPS order! Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your network capabilities with SIIX.

Having a dedicated server or colocation? Contact us, and we'll assist you in activating your peering port for a nominal setup fee.

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Key Offerings

  • Free Ports: To encourage network growth, SIIX offers free port connections.

Network Operations

  • ASN: Operating under ASN 49245, providing a reliable Internet exchange environment.
  • BGP Community Support: Advanced BGP community support for effective traffic management.

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