Host4Geeks don't buy from here

Don't buy from here, I bought a web reseller, they changed the whmcs free license part after I asked for the license. I asked them for a refund and told them to cancel the service even if they don't accept the refund. Today they took the money from my card for another extension and refuse to return the money even now. It's a scam on the face.


  • Ya, this seems to be a genuine scam. There is no "free" whmcs so they were probably planning to use cracked copy, but deicded against it. If they changed the policy AFTER you bought/requested, they are supposed to provide you with a refund (full or partial) and definitely NOT renew...

    Next time use a prepaid debit card, paypal or any other one time payment method to make the payment.

    Check with your bank and submit the screenshots and ask them to start a chargeback against your card (if possible).

    If it’s not broken, keep fixing it until it is. Blink twice if you agree.

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