Selling on the internet via ssh!

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Found this on HN, where it has 387 comments, including interesting tips about the use of ssh and a historical note about selling CDs and books over telnet.

I hope everyone gets the servers they want!



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    it says it's sold out... how does payment work?

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    Start self hosting with an external IP with IPv6rs.
    The only thing between your host and your data is trust. Trust is not security.

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    The HN discussion now has 404 comments!

    Discussion about how payments might work is in the HN thread beginning with this comment:

    Further down, there is an interesting tidbit about how Stripe got started:

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    Interestingly Stripe started life as /dev/payments and I seem to remember the first iteration was an agent on your server that literally processed card payments when you wrote the details to /dev/payments
    ppbjj 7 days ago | root | parent | next [–]
    That's awesome
    niutech 4 days ago | root | parent | prev | next [–]
    You can still find the source code here:
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    I hope everyone gets the servers they want!

  • creative, or old fashioned?

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