Storage server in USA to replace Hetzner in USA

I currently have a 8 by 4TB TB HDD with a 480GB SSD from Hetzner, This server has been good without a fault apart from latency from the USA which i would like to explore options to replace as of now. Storage is the main part but having a decent CPU and network is just as important.

~30TB HDD after raid 5, more would be appreciated with at most a $1.4 USD per TB.
Atleast 480GB SSD for OS and cache
CPU is largely open but can be atleast 8 core skylake or newer, Intel or AMD. ARM Is an an open option too.
Uplink 1Gbps, 10Gbps option if reasonably priced would be considered. Required 15 TB per month.

Will pay more if upgrades can be offered on the HDD's as requirements expand.


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