QuadraNet Status

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I believe sometime in the last week the QuadraNet Status page (redirect from https://status.quadranet.com/) became inaccessible. It was rumored, that Edge Centres had acquired them, but that that appears to be confirmed by multiple reports now. Many low end providers utilize QuadraNet so maybe keep an eye on things if you're behind AS 8100.


  • QuadraNet acquired by Edge Centres.
    Currently under employee switch I think.

  • "pacificrack" was shut down, but the payment address was "QuadraNet ", and QuadraNet promised a refund, and in recent days said no refund, a company with no integrity....

  • how is this implied as a bad thing?

    Fuck this 24/7 internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit.

  • Shall we celebrate? ;D

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