WHMCS SSL Price updates

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DigiCert and SpamExperts have recently announced pricing changes that will take effect on 1st June 2024.

As always, we want to give resellers a minimum of 30-days to make any necessary updates. Therefore, MarketConnect will pass these pricing adjustments on to resellers for the affected services beginning 12th June 2024.

The following will be the new reseller cost prices for each MarketConnect reseller tier:

Recommended Actions

On or before 12th June 2024 you should:
Update your selling prices for the affected MarketConnect products. Note that typically products are configured both as standalone Products as well as Product Addons and would require updating in both locations.

If you wish to pass on the price increases to your existing customers, consider using the Bulk Pricing Updater utility to amend the recurring prices for existing clients services.


  • It's just SSL Cert price update, not of an actual WHMCS license. This should be made more clear in the title imo.

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