DEAL: DataWest - 1GB RAM - Perth AU - $3.30 AUD/month

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Have never used them before, just had it sent to me and thought I'd share. It's a good deal.

CPU: 1 vCore

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    Thanks @Brendan,

    at USD 2.08 (?) per month not bad. The AUD $7 plan/ 2 TB/month also seems interesting. Trying to locate their LG/ test ip.

    In the meantime, found the following on their website:
    -SolidCP control panel.
    -We have DDoS protection in our network as well. We backup our host server regularly and can restore your VPS from the backup with a small fee
    -CPU and Memory are dedicated. The bandwidth is shared with other clients in the same host server and rack.
    - Link to AUP
    - Domain seems to be around since 2008?

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    so................any bench? :blush:

    I bench YABS 24/7/365 unless it's a leap year.

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    @seriesn said:

    @cybertech said:
    so................any bench? :blush:

    Go for it tiger!

    If this helps whet the appetite.
    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

    3 ( 36.147 ms 42.854 ms ( 39.134 ms
    4 ( 30.304 ms ( 30.647 ms ( 39.386 ms
    5 ( 41.947 ms ( 34.609 ms 41.833 ms
    6 ( 37.954 ms ( 31.754 ms 33.628 ms
    7 * * *
    8 * * *
    9 * * *
    10 * * *
    11 ( 123.637 ms ( 78.254 ms ( 100.704 ms
    12 ( 71.075 ms ( 72.476 ms 78.833 ms
    13 ( 78.307 ms 91.853 ms 81.875 ms
    14 ( 124.950 ms 116.083 ms 117.713 ms
    15 ( 125.508 ms ( 130.169 ms 119.920 ms
    16 ( 116.432 ms 164.076 ms 121.868 ms
    17 ( 115.217 ms 136.357 ms 121.555 ms
    18 ( 119.127 ms 130.692 ms 115.884 ms
    19 ( 120.707 ms 127.028 ms 115.633 ms
    20 ( 119.946 ms 133.395 ms 121.199 ms

  • off topic but they are using woo + wp billing management which enlighten me

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    Can't edit my initial post. Apparently they don't have a good rep, read before deciding to order. Sorry guys..

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    @Brendan said:
    Can't edit my initial post. Apparently they don't have a good rep, read before deciding to order. Sorry guys..

    Edit: Short of posting the actual BM/ review, here is the story so far.

    What has worked well so far: (> 4 hour since ordering. Not complaining, just posting observations)
    a. Ordering (paid by Paypal)
    b. Confirming email
    c. Account login details + changing passwords
    d. Login to whmcs
    e. Service is apparently active

    What has not worked so far:
    a. Email with details of the VPS / login credentials, etc.
    b. Login to Control Panel from whmcs dashboard gives error (have raised a ticket, will update)
    c. Website. Very, very difficult layout to follow.
    d. Account dashboard on Datawest page shows service is still 'processing'.
    e. Chat is offline during AU business hours.

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    Still, those specs at that price in Australia, fun VPs for pringles money :)

    @Brendan can match it? :)
    Please do not use the PM system here for Inception Hosting support issues.

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    @AnthonySmith said: @Brendan can match it?

    I wish. Would mean the margins on the rest of my stuff would be crazy high.

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    Short version:
    It's only a day, and let me say I am inclined to agree with @AnthonySmith 's "Pringles" analogy. If you have a couple of US Dollars / 3.3 Aussie Dollars / 150 INR to spare every month, this is a toy you can keep.

    If I really want a VPS in Perth, Australia- I would go for the NAT @mikho (get well soon!) even at standalone $4/year for the 128 MB or $7 for the higher plan, it seems like a better offer. For some real work with an Aussie VPS- FlowVPS BF offer @Brendan / trewq was/is a sweet one I would like to use.

    Overall thoughts and Benchmarks:

    Edit: update on tickets: tickets are responded politely, within around 12 hours on weekdays- quite reasonable IMO. I have raised three so far (two are related - ssh/VNC login; the third was for logging into the control panel for creating the VPS)

    Hyper-V is an acquired taste, but once the teething troubles were over - external IP / ssh login, etc. the system is not too bad. **Speeds could be faster - they are not the greatest. **

    What I would like to know is:
    As a provider, is it kosher to create a sudo account and provide ssh login details to the end user, when the user has already created a root/user account? The reason I ask is:
    In response to my ticket for ssh access external ip request, they sent me the following details:
    login id : administrator
    password : blah...

    I could however login and change root password , etc... makes me wary of keeping any data/ files of significance on this machine.

    Note that the ip is assigned per account, not per VPS instance- so one can go ahead and create instances multiple times.

    Under the hood:
    One of the comments in the LET post was about network speeds. From Bengaluru on a sometimes patchy 4G mobile network I got the following result:

    Speedtest result for Bengaluru

    Benchmark tests

    YABS, gave partial results- wither I was logged off or my ssh session terminated abruptly. So no Geekbench results yet.
    I should get my home internet up and running by this weekend (move to new home has been a mini disaster, but that is a tale for a different day.

    Disk speeds are reasonable. Processor seems okay.

    Result from v2019.07.20 --
     benchmark timestamp:    2020-01-22 01:26:37 UTC
    Processor:    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5640  @ 2.67GHz
    CPU cores:    1
    Frequency:    2666.756 MHz
    RAM:          922M
    bash: line 156: swapon: command not found
    Swap:         -
    Kernel:       Linux 4.9.0-8-amd64 x86_64
    sda     60G  HDD
    CPU: SHA256-hashing 500 MB
        5.738 seconds
    CPU: bzip2-compressing 500 MB
        8.942 seconds
    CPU: AES-encrypting 500 MB
        4.360 seconds
    ioping: seek rate
        min/avg/max/mdev = 472.2 us / 920.7 us / 40.5 ms / 904.7 us
    ioping: sequential read speed
        generated 1.41 k requests in 5.00 s, 352 MiB, 281 iops, 70.4 MiB/s
    dd: sequential write speed
        1st run:    399.59 MiB/s
        2nd run:    738.14 MiB/s
        3rd run:    555.04 MiB/s
        average:    564.26 MiB/s
    IPv4 speedtests
        your IPv4:    203.33xxx.xxxx
        Cachefly CDN:         1.15 MiB/s
        Leaseweb (NL):        0.13 MiB/s
        Softlayer DAL (US):   0.24 MiB/s (FR):      0.16 MiB/s
        OVH BHS (CA):         0.20 MiB/s

    YABS (Partial)

    Wed Jan 22 09:32:13 AWST 2020
    Basic System Information:
    Processor  : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5640  @ 2.67GHz
    CPU cores  : 1 @ 2666.756 MHz
    AES-NI     : ❌ Disabled
    VM-x/AMD-V : ❌ Disabled
    RAM        : 922M
    Swap       : 2.0G
    Disk       : 57G
    dd Sequential Disk Speed Tests:
           | Test 1      | Test 2      | Test 3      | Avg        
           |             |             |             |            
    Write  | 223 MB/s    | 64.1 MB/s   | 238 MB/s    | 175.03 MB/s
    Read   | 410 MB/s    | 197 MB/s    | 411 MB/s    | 339.33 MB/s
    iperf3 Network Speed Tests (IPv4):
    Provider                  | Location (Link)           | Send Speed      | Recv Speed     
                              |                           |                 |                
    Bouygues Telecom          | Paris, FR (10G)           | busy bits/sec   | 30.2 Mbits/sec                | Paris, FR (10G)           | busy            | 23.1 Mbits/sec 
    Severius                  | The Netherlands (10G)     | busy            | 20.5 Mbits/sec 
    Worldstream               | The Netherlands (10G)     | busy bits/sec   | 17.1 Mbits/sec               | Hamburg, DE (10G)         | busy bits/sec   | 22.2 Mbits/sec 
    Biznet                    | Bogor, Indonesia (1G)     | 17.0 Mbits/sec  | 28.7 Mbits/sec 
    No IPv6 connectivity detected

    As yet WIP review about my overall experience is here.

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    seems like something's gotta give and quite apparent it is the newtork my friend!

    I bench YABS 24/7/365 unless it's a leap year.

  • What does this even mean? (from

    Does this mean they're running at 90% capacity on their VPS nodes? 25% of domains are not registered? They have 5% unsold inventory of dedicated servers? I'm so confused.

    At least their address actually seems like a business address, but who knows if they actually have employees there, or just a mailbox.

  • whoamiwhoami OG
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    Did some looking into these guys. One big red flag out of the gate is their business address is in West Perth and they say their instances are located at a "West Perth DC". I'm not aware of any big datacentre operation there and most people colo in NextDC Malaga so my guess is that the datacentre is in their office. Happy to be proven wrong though.

    They do have a business registration:

    The registration shows they're also trading as Recycle IT ( ) and based on that CPU model from above (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5640) I wouldn't be surprised if they were recycling old servers right into DataWest's datacentre.

    There is a real human being attached to this at least, the ASIC registration shows a key contact at the business:

    The guy's LinkedIn is easily found on Google and he seems to have a decent amount of IT experience.

    My thoughts: They probably won't run away with your money but their services probably won't be as reliable as a lot of other companies and the hardware on offer is definitely a case of "You get what you pay for". Also after all the headaches I've had over the years with Hyper-V I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole.

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    Based on 36 hours of experience with them and Hyper v I am inclined to agree that
    a. They seem like okay folks as a business
    b. Hyper V is a PITa

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    on 5th February I cancelled their service and closed the account.

  • Hyper-V=Windoze based. Wouldn't go near it and a main reason for leaving my UK provider when they phased out vmware. Just saying.

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    It wisnae me! A big boy done it and ran away.
    NVMe2G for life! until death (the end is nigh)

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