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  • Polls have their place, but you can lose a lot of context. For example if you ask someone if they recommend the service and have a yes/no poll, then you may lose the ability to identify if a yes (or no) note has a caveat. If we look at a budget hos…
  • Yeah, maybe hit up @crunchbits
  • No suggestions other than companies listed already. That said, maybe keep an eye on the RAM. Can’t see a definitive answer but NextCloud seems to want between 2 or 4GB base (and the sky is the limit if you add users or features). Some of the storage…
  • (Quote) Isn’t a bad idea to have an app that will autofill in your browser to help with this. If the URL isn’t recognised, the TOTP code wouldn’t auto populate and that’s a good trigger to double check what you’re logging into. In most cases the TOT…
  • If one wanted to self host, would self hosted BitWarden fit the bill? Not a BitWarden user, but presumably could create entries with just the OTP codes to achieve this.
  • (Quote) In OTP Auth you can edit any entry and you’ll have the options to “show secret” or “show QR Code”, which can be used to recreate the entry in another app. Not sure if you can bulk export into a text file. They have a backup mechanism but no…
  • (Quote) I used this app for years until consolidating on 1Password. One can argue the merits and issues with having TOTP in the one app, but I like the solution. Good app. Reason to not use it would be that it’s Apple devices only, which wasn’t a c…
  • (Quote) I’m somewhat less fussed on the invoice to get double bandwidth given it’s usually a post or two a person. Definitely however don’t like the “most posts win” or any sort of lottery where posting more increases the odds of winning something. …
  • Just going to say I think the notification arriving so late is disappointing. Grateful that something finally has gone out, but once the issue was identified and initial remediations in place, customers should have been notified. You don’t need all …