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  • Just asked for comment from Evocative as kindly as I ever could from neutral perspective, and they just closed the live chat with "no comment".
  • TL:DR * Colocator kicked out due to non-payment. * Customer hardware is held ransom by DC. * Provider washes their hands from this problem since the company is effectively bankrupt and gone now. * Customers must now negotiate for their own hardware…
  • Don't expect same performance and features from hetzner especially if you are doing game hosting.
  • (Quote) No. the damage is already done if it reaches the server even if there is no service running as its the only TCP port that actually reaches the server. They also finally closed that TCP 22 port from the network as well, and the VPS and the se…
    in Deleted Comment by stefeman June 2021
  • He has nothing else to try on, so hes attacking the SSH port like the world is ending before it gets blocked. I really pity the customers of EvolutionHost.. Don't get me wrong.. Its a great host, but this dude launched full on 1Gbps attack into the…
    in Deleted Comment by stefeman June 2021
  • Everything works great and all, only if Evolution-Host would close SSH port from OVH IP Firewall rules.. It would be foolproof. Unfortunately what they did was: Apply goldsrc filter on UDP 27015 and 27016 - all good Block other UDP ports - all goo…
    in Deleted Comment by stefeman June 2021
  • Were trying OVH game VPS again with EvolutionHosting. This time I'll make sure that this dude has correct firewall profile enabled. Their support has approved this attempt, so we'll see.
    in Deleted Comment by stefeman June 2021
  • It is not sadly. According to tcpdumps there numerous and numerous of IPs from various ranges all over ipv4 network. Its spoofed UDP.
    in Deleted Comment by stefeman June 2021