Looking for: Low-end Dedi or KVM VPS oriented towards storage & VPN

Hey all,

I've got a slightly strange set of requirements for this one:

  • Either a low-end Dedi or KVM VPS would be fine
  • Must be a non North/South America location (Europe, Asia)
  • Either unmetered 50Mbps-100Mbps, or 10TB @ 250Mbps or greater
  • At least 1TB of Storage (underlying storage type, redundancy, etc. doesn't matter)
  • Allows for personal VPN use (I plan to mostly use this as offsite data storage & as a VPN endpoint)
  • CPU/RAM doesn't matter too much. As long as it can handle using IPSEC VPNs.
  • Max budget is $15/mo, but I am flexible if there's a better value by spending a little more ($20 for 3TB, etc.)
  • Bonus points if it has IP/KVM upon request, but not a requirement.

I am looking for the best bang for the buck deal so to speak so I would rather be closer to or slightly over my budget if it means better value for the money, over a cheaper but less attractive deal.

If you feel my requirements are unreasonable or my budget is too low I'm open to feedback.

Cheap dedis are my drug, and I'm too far gone to turn back.


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