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NanoKVM saga continues, now on new grounds.

Specifications of the KVM’s
- 1x Core (Shared)
- 256MB up to 2GB Memory
- 50/75 Mbit Port, unmetered (FairUse)
- 20x forwarded Ports v4
- /64 or /80 Subnet v6

The specifications depend on the location, you can find those here:

¹You can request an additional disk up to 100GB with justification if available.

The Requirements to get one
- Existing account since 3 months, here on LES Talk
Old LET accounts count also on LES Talk.
- At least 15 Posts in the recent 3 months, no old inactive accounts.
- You need to have 50 posts before you apply

Play nice! zero abuse tolerance.
No TOR, Torrent, VPN’s, email servers or any other ilegal stuff.
If we take notice, that a VM’s gets abused, the VM will be terminated.

How to get one

  • Go to:
  • Place an Request
  • Post the Token here, with an explanation, what you wanna do with it.
    At least 1 sentence
  • As soon the Request is accepted, you get your KVM details.
  • Keep in mind, that you need to Bookmark the page!

Thanks to our Sponsors to make this Project possible
- Germany, Sponsored by Zen/Yes
- Norway, Sponsored by myWallet™
- Fremont, Sponsored by IntoVPS
- Thanks to VMHaus for the Sponsored VPS

Things you should know:
- Keep in mind, the stock system has changed, a placed request is not longer reserved from the stock anymore.
- The Service is provided with no SLA , but we try out best to keep everything running smoothly.
- Support will be provided over LES Talk PM or via email.
- No Backups are done on our side, You are responsible for taking backups of your data.
- There is no term guarantee.

If you have any further questions, let me know.




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