*OFFICIAL* BFCM 2021 Offers - The "All You Can Eat" thread

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It's that time of the year again, and while money is tight for some (and time is always tighter for all), it should not prevent us from collecting offers here.
Update Nov 26th: Rules moved to bottom of the post

Update Nov 25th: Web Hosting or related offers posted so far (by Providers/ LES community) on LES. Since this is now the "official" BF 2021 deals thread, let us tip our hats to these offers!

**Offers deals listed in no particular order. I hope almost all of them have been covered! **

Hostslick Black Friday Warm Up

PHP Friends- practise-your-German-speaking-skills-offer

Level One Servers



[V.PS]☁️ BLACK FRIDAY: KVM VPS 50% off for all packages.


MetalVPS- be a neighbor Name your own price is possible.

Inception Hosting BF Offer Superceded

Naranja Tech- VPS Offer

Dr. Server's Black Friday Sale

Liteserver BFCM Deals

Clouvider Terifying 44% off deals

My.pt with LA, DE and.. Singapore "lifetime" and Annual offers

MyRoot.Pw 20% off on shared hosting

Inception Hosting The El Bun Offer

Alwyzon BF Offer

ReadyDedis BF 2021 offers

LaunchVPS BF Offer

Webhorizon LES Exclusive

1 TB VPS LES Exclusive

Webhosting24 - VPS and shared hosting

Knownhost Dedis

Shock Hosting CM Discount and Coupon - LES Exclusive

The New, new Inception Hosting Offer- Cyber Monday

Visualweb Technologies-check multiple offers

First and foremost:
a. Post direct links to offers only, no affiliate links please
b. Please limit your discussions, ideally only post offers to keep the list clean
c. Time permitting, I will create an index of offers here
d. No limitation or restriction on categories for offers, but preference given to hosting/storage/vpn/tech related deals
e. If you have a similar service and/or are already a subscriber, feel free to add your experience and comments - highly recommended, so that the LES Community can benefit.
f. Edit: Providers with a provider tag are also welcome to post their offers. See this

On a lighter note, you are free to do the following:

  • ogle at the offers
  • become naysayers nighsayers (not targeted at any particular individual or clan)
  • have fun!! (of course)
  • not buy at all (the best option IMO)


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