GDPRess - Eliminate external requests to increase GDPR Compliance

YmpkerYmpker OGContent Writer
edited September 1 in WordPress

Just found this cool plugin that lets you eliminate external requests and replaces/downloads remote stylesheets/fonts with a local copy.
I thought I'd share this as this will probably affect various people here :)

GDPRess is developed by the same guy who also created the OMGF (Oh My Google Fonts) plugin that allows to embed Google Fonts in a GDPR-friendly way.

GDPRess scans your homepage for 3rd party scripts (JS) and stylesheets (CSS), and:

Allows you to download or exclude them from downloading,
Parses the stylesheets for loaded font files, downloads them, and rewrites the stylesheet to use the local copies,
Makes sure the local copies of each script/stylesheet are used in your site’s frontend.
In short, it makes sure no requests are made to external/embedded/3rd party scripts and stylesheets.


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