Looking for Sydney VPS

Morning All,
I am looking for a budget VPS (or dedi) in Sydney,

I am currently using a Kimsufi: KS-7
Intel i3 2130 - 8Go DDR3 1333 MHZ - 2To

So VPS specs should be (roughly) 2/4 Cores, 8Gb RAM, 50Gb Disk (don't need all that space).
Also open to 2 Cores, 4Gb RAM, 50Gb Disk if the above is way outside the budget.

Currently paying $11USD/month but know thats a dream in Sydney,
Willing to pay qtr/semi/yearly if that helps with prices.

I posted this elsewhere, but all the providers I know seem to have moved off that forum over the last 1-2 years :(


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