Best way to translate an app?

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I have a proprietary app (that I have developed and have the source code for) that I'd like to translate to other languages, to better target other locales and regions.

Personally, I wouldn't trust Google or similar automated translators for the job. Since I only speak English, I don't have a way to verify whether the translations are correct and make sense in its context.

I've been considering translation services from Fiverr, but I've never used any services from them and it, too, has the same problem — I have no way to verify whether the translation is okay.

Has anyone translated their app/website into a different language? What's the approach that you used?

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  • You can try approaching the language department in your local university and ask if they can recommend any students to translate for you.

    As to whether the translations are useful, it's very hard as you really need someone with domain experience in whatever it is that your app does. I only have experience with translations for games as that's the industry I've worked in, but we often had bad results getting translations from non-gamers even into their native languages.

    You best bet might be to offer beta testing to a subset of users and maybe once you have a relationship with some of them, offer them free use of the app going forward for help with translation into their native language.

  • use DeepL then get a freelancer to check it

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