How much power do I need for a seed box?

Curious if a 2 core box with a GB6 score of 600 and multi of 1100 with a large disk will be adequate to handle a a few applications?

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    Yes, unless you wish to transcode :)
    Speed will be limited as you have only 2 Cores.

    P.S Also keep in mind, that apps will be slower than you expect, especially if you have large media. - Your favorite Seedbox provider!

  • 2 cores + 512 MB RAM + large HDD/SSD + good internet speed is all you need.

    1 core is also enough, but 2 is better. Download speed does not really change if you have 2 or more cores so dont worry about that, but it will limit the number of active torrents. So if you download 5 torrents with 50 max peers, you will get better speeds with 4 or more cores, but this is again limited by your disk speed. If you are using SSD + 1 Gbps (or higher) internet speed, then 4 cores are better.

    If you run other applications, increase RAM accordingly as torrent can easily eat up 512 MB of ram.

  • few years ago i'm running transmission-web+syncthing in ramnode's 128mb vps, it can seed 30+ torrent just fine.
    It was difficult since the vps is too small to run some sort of RSS downloader (like deluge-daemon+rss plugin or flexget+transmission-web) since it consume too much RAM.

    In current year, qbitorrent-nox already have RSS integration (after like a decade waiting lol), so now I have setup qbitorrent-nox + syncthing in virmach's 384MB ram, run just fine with +20 active seeding. can't add more since the disk is limited

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  • 1000 kilowatts.

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    No metal for you.

  • It depends. Is turbo on or off?

  • My seedbox is a very old Atom C2350 Dual Core with 4GB of RAM and it works fairly well. The HDD on it is the limiting factor, but if I had an SSD I could probably max out the 1Gbps link it has. Only time it really shows its weakness on the CPU side is when decompressing large archives, so I pull those down locally and decompress.

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  • Depends on how heavy the torrent stack is. Optimized client with nothing else running will be fine as long as you don't throw a bunch of torrents at it.

  • How much is this cost?

  • @Tiny said:
    How much is this cost?

    $3.50 per month?

  • I have a small vps C2338 2*1.8GHz, GB5 score 298, running transmission, and no problem at all. Speedtest reaches up to 928M( 1G port).

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