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In this thread we request that you tell us your experience with VirMach.

I made this thread so that people can say what they want about VirMach's service. That includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. You want to say the same thing ten times, knock your socks off. I don't know how much good it will do, but go right ahead.

Where I am drawing the line, for both sides, is personal attacks. The people who think VirMach is the worst host in the world can voice that, but let us try to reasonable in how we express that. If you attack a subject that is fine. If you attack on a personal level I am getting less comfortable with that as time goes on. This also goes for the people that think VirMach is ok as well. Let's stop attacking the people that don't, no matter how wrong you may think they are. We are all members of the same community let's figure out a way to act civil to each other even if we don't agree on this particular subject.

If you make an personal attack on another member that in my opinion crosses the don't be a dick line, your comment will be removed.

The current state of things VirMach

The below is not to be taken as official VirMach policy and is just provided as a way to assist members that do not want to try and find the related information in a long thread. I will try to keep this up to date. If you find obvious errors, please DM me.
For official VirMach policy please see the VirMach website.

PayPay Charge Backs

Under no circumstances should you initiate a charge back, or dispute a payment, through PayPal unless you understand that this action will cause your account with VirMach, and all the services in it, to be suspended permanently. You will also no longer be able to purchase any new services with VirMach in the future. IMO Just don't do it.

Flash sale provisioning

If you have purchased a VirMach flash sale VPS, it has not been provisioned, and still shows "Pending" in your billing panel screen. You should wait for your VPS to be provisioned. Opening a ticket regarding a pending VPS and/or posting your ticket number in this thread will probably lead to your VPS purchase being canceled and the purchase amount being refunded to account credit.


@VirMach said on Jan 25th, 2023:
Thank you everyone who was patient and sorry for the last bit of these flash specials taking so long to activate. I finally got some functional code to be able to activate these efficiently so that's why they were done quickly today. It's not that we were ignoring it, or had any bad intentions, it was just several failed iterations of solutions being worked on in the background.

Anyway, all* flash specials are provisioned now. There's still vserverid issue for most of the recent activated ones, which just means you won't be able to access the full SolusVM control panel yet, everything else should work. And some activated today are still waiting on due date to be adjusted. So please do not make tickets for these two issues.

*A little exception to this, the following have not been provisioned:

  • 12 quantity for DALZ010 offer, 4GB RAM / 4 Core / 130GB Disk
  • 1 12 quantity for NYCB041 offer (node is having problems still)

However, at this point in time, if you already haven't, feel free to contact us if:

  1. There's any missing orders, make sure to provide all details such as invoice ID and transaction ID, so we can refund you
  2. Yours is paid and still pending or in a weird halfway state like cancelled but paid, etc.
  3. Incorrect specifications provisioned (these are super rare, maybe 1 or 2 out of each 1,000 so please make 100% sure first.)

For #3 if we get dozens of tickets claiming this, they'll all just be closed because it means people are reporting it improperly in which case you'll have to use LES support instead.

Regarding $0.25 3 Month VPS

VirMach said on Jan 15th: The $0.25 orders, there's still hundreds left. So far we got one $0.25 chargeback and maybe a hundred tickets from people asking for updates. Already covered but we didn't expect nearly 1,000 orders all in Tokyo with like half of them multiple accounts. I mean I guess I could say we did expect that as a possibility and it happened, so these are just being mass refunded. It's taking longer because I'm actually double flagging down a lot of people for their behavior here, like signing up for multiple accounts specifically to order a bunch of the $0.25 specials is obviously not okay and creating 3-4 tickets screaming about it is also something we're going to make sure sticks with your account in the form of a note.


Currently paid migrations, with and without data, are not available between VirMach locations using the migration button in the billing panel. Although there has been no official statement by VirMach regarding this, I expect that after recent sales have been provisioned, and/or new nodes are brought on line this option may return for some locations. VirMach has stated that migrations to Tokyo will not be available until after more nodes arrive at the DC and are setup. There has not been any date given for when this should be expected.

rDNS aka PTR DNS records

Currently rDNS is not available in any location. There has been no date given by VirMach as to when rDNS would be available in the future. Consequentially members should not expect rDNS to be available from VirMach.

TOS Guide Lines

@VirMach said on January 23rd, 2023:
Easiest answer is if you have 1% or the node's dedicated disk amount, you get 1% of all I/O operations over like a day. That's not what it is, but the easiest rule of thumb to communicate. So 20GB on 2TB drive = 1%

2TB NVMe drive Gen3/Gen4, look up what it's capable of for the type of operations you do.

So if it can do like 500,000 IOPS for your operation type/size, then that's 5,000 IOPS in the example of having 1% share of the disk, there are 86,400 seconds in a day so 432,000,000 operations a day for that example of that specific type of operation. Anything more, we may decide to be lenient to some level where possible automatically.

Most cases if you get that message you're doing a lot more.

And of course over a shorter period of time, let's say 10 minutes out of 24 hours, there are 144x 10 minute chunks in 24 hours so let's say you do 10x more than that, it's fine as long as it's not more than 14x 10 minute chunks that do 10x more since any more and you'd average out more for the day. However, if you do 2 x 10 minute consecutive chunks where you're doing like 50x more that could still be problematic since at that point you're most likely also breaking the load and CPU fair use policies. Basically if any of that is confusing just refer to my first sentence and do your own math/conceptualization of it.

FAQ About VirMach Issues

Q. Is there a workaround for 'Invalid vserverid or username' when trying to access the SolusVM panel ?
A. Currently there is no workaround for this issue. It must be resolved by VirMach. Previous workarounds no longer work due to changes made by VirMach.

Q. 2FA is not working and I keep needing to use the backup code to get in to the billing panel. Why is your 2FA broken ?
A. Unsubscribe from 2FA and then logout. Log back in to the billing panel and setup 2FA again. Make sure to make a note of your new backup code.

Official Virmach links & comments that may be of interest.

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Members comments that may be of interest

Mason said: VirMach is a stubborn, masochist

I am currently traveling in mostly remote areas until sometime in April 2024. Consequently DM's sent to me will go unanswered during this time.
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