Koofr Lifetime Deal from 24$ for 100GB, 48$ for 250GB and 112$ for 1TB [coupon expired]

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Mod edit (8 Nov): the coupon code below is now expired.

Currently with code HOLIDAY20 you can get 20% off of Koofr's Lifetime Deal on Stacksocial: https://www.stacksocial.com/sales/koofr-cloud-storage-plans-lifetime-subscription-100gb

Prices (without taxes) are:

  • 100GB: 24$
  • 250GB: 48$
  • 1TB: 112$

Koofr is a stable and stellar European cloud storage provider with some awesome features, such as linking your gdrive, dropbox and other cloud accounts, manage them from Koofr Dashboard and copy/move stuff around. Servers are running on Hetzner Infrastructure afaik, so speeds have been rocksolid. I've been using Koofr for a couple of years now, and @vyas is a also a happy long-term Koofr user afaik :)

Additional facts/info from their Website:

Koofr is a secure, privacy-oriented and EU-based cloud storage solution, present on the market since 2013. Its name is invented from words meaning a suitcase in various European languages, symbolizing a safe place for your files.

The company’s headquarters are located in Slovenia, while the users’ data is stored in highly secured data centres across the EU, guaranteeing compliance with the EU privacy legislation.

Managing/Adding multiple clouds under Koofr Dashboard:

Other features
- Koofr supports rclone afaik (I don't use rclone but: https://rclone.org/koofr/ )
- WebDAV support
- Backup WordPress with Koofr and WebDAV: https://koofr.eu/blog/posts/how-to-backup-your-wordpress-site-to-koofr-with-webdav
- https://koofr.eu/blog/posts/7-koofr-features-were-sure-youll-love
- Edit Documents/Presentations in the Cloud
- https://koofr.eu/blog/posts/backup-your-files-to-koofr-using-restic
- It just works. End of story.

1GB Speedtest file (1GB.bin test file I uploaded to my Koofr): Click

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